Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zimbabwe leaders (kind of) reach a resolution

Months after Zimbabwe faced an election that provoked fear, intimidation and violence, it seems like an agreement between President Mugabe and opposition lead Morgan Tsvangirai has been reached.

Mugabe has offered a Prime Minister position to Tsvangirai in order to work together in an effort to form a peaceful resolution to the many problems facing Zimbabwe's citizens. The new administration will be a 50/50 combination between the president's and the opposition's political views. Zimbabwe has been suffering from severe famine and violence for the last 20 years, which is what inspired Tsvangirai to work toward a newer government. When Prime Minister Tsvangirai decided to run for president in last June's election, President Mugabe threatened voters who supported Tsvangirai with mutilation and murder. Vote tampering also became a crucial issue with the Zimbabwe election, which was instantly condemned by democratic nations.

With mounting international pressure, President Mugabe reached a reconciliation with Tsvangirai who has long been a supporter of making Zimbabwe a democratic nation by offering him a prime minister position. Prime Minister Tsvangirai wanted to receive monetary help from the United States and England as a way to help starving people throughout the country.

President Mugabe has consistently blamed both countries for the colonization of Zimbabwe. He reasons this is the cause of all devastation that has occurred in the country. Asking westernized countries for help will only bring more problems. He has said only Africa can fix Africa's problems.

Much of the deal has not been released yet, but I am hopeful to hear this news. Working with Prime Minister Tsvangirai will be the first step to a peaceful nation for Zimbabwe. While I'm skeptical of the new administration, this is a far better deal than what was happening only a few months ago.